Bliss sounds: relax, sleep, meditate

Relax and sleep better with sleep sounds, calming music, rain sounds & more...

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Bliss sounds can help you relax, fall asleep and wake up full of energy. Simply choose your favorite mix or combine your favorite sounds, lay back and fall asleep.

Easy to use user interface, high quality sounds and fine tuned mixes


Download Bliss sounds

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The app comes with many sounds and mixes that can help you relax, get rid of stress, meditate or fall into deep sleep.

Our specially designed sound machine can combine different sounds to create unique soundscapes that sound completely natural. Enjoy a day at the beach, in the forest, a drive on the highway, having coffee at a relaxing cafe or even flying into space without leaving your home.

- Easy to use: click and listen to different sounds.
- A specially designed sound machine that creates highly realistic, unique, seamless soundscapes
- Large variety of sounds and mixes
- Edit mixes and save them or create your own - share with friends
- Sleep timer - set a timer, fall asleep and the music will stop automatically
- Set an alarm and wake up to your favorite sounds

- Sleep sounds
- Ambience sounds
- Animal sounds
- Baby sounds
- Music
- Nature sounds
- Water sounds
- ASMR sounds
- Binaural and solfeggio frequencies

Subscribe to premium and gain access to the following:
- Remove ads
- Access all 180+ sounds and 150+ mixes
- Join our user community and get access to a huge collection of user mixes
- Automatically backup and restore your mixes
- Share your mixes with the community