Wordalicious: Relaxing word puzzle game

Have fun while learning!


Improve your vocabulary and train your brain!

Wordalicious will help you sharpen and train your brain while learning new words. It contains levels for all ages and skills, from starters to masters. Levels are carefully designed and difficulty increases as you proceed.

Easy user interface

Simply draw words on the letter wheel and watch them appear at the correct place on the puzzle. Find correct words not on the puzzle and earn coins. The goal of the game is to find as many words as you can, collect more coins and use them to buy help in case you get stuck.

Help and tips!

Choose the Help option on the home page for a list of tips available in the game. The game is easy to play so there is not much to remember!

Rewards, design and updates


Game rewards

Get rewarded when you find regular and bonus words, when finishing a game or level. Watch a short video and earn more coins. Remember that coins can be used in case you get stuck with one or more words - in that case, you can reveal random or specific letters by using your coins.

Beautiful user interface

Games are carefully designed with relaxing nature backgrounds. Combined with a relaxing background music and sound effects, they create the perfect environment for you to relax, focus, and enjoy the game.

Regular updates

We update the game regularly with new games, new levels and improvements. If you have any suggestions for improvement feel free to email us.

More features!


- Simple, engaging Gameplay
- Beautiful graphics, sounds and animations
- Play anywhere, anytime, online or offline

- Enjoy endless games
- Get regular updates
- Play games of varying difficulty

- Enjoy rewards by playing daily
- Play completely free - No purchase required (unless you choose so), free and unlimited updates
- No time limits... Play with no stress!


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